Truck Driver Pay

Average Truck Driver Pay

Free CDL Schools offer a salary according to the marketing value offered by other companies. The Free CDL School offer a handsome salary to the employee who work with our organization.

according to the bureau of labor statistics report, truck driver average pay scale $43,680 in a year. I believe that is completely false according to the job offers and pay scale I see for new drivers. The pay scale I am posting jobs for are like 60-80K from almost all companies. With the better jobs paying over six figures.

Free CDL schools

Truck Driver Demand

If we did not have trucking jobs which is about 1/3 of the GDP of the United States what would we have. Less jobs and less opportunity for people that just want options to provide for them and there family’s. The demand for drivers is so high and the shortage is large. Which is a good thing, why that means the higher the demand the more it cost. So trucking companies make more money for the load and the driver should see the increase in there salary. Which we are seeing record pay out to drivers like .98 cents a mile with a 2300 mile expectation in 2021. Humans need to operate tractor trailers and computers should assists the humans. But at no time should the system be able to operate human less. As more and more antinomies tractor trailers come to market we as a country should push back to only allow an assistant!!!!

Entry Level Truck Driver Pay

Entry level positons are never good. But you have to pay your dues before you are promoted. Most entry level positions are 50-65k your first year. The better ones are 60K and pay you while you attend CDL training. Then after get your 1 year of experience you should expect 80-117K depending on the job and company.

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