Free CDL Schools vs Employment Contracts

Most people who want to train for their CDL and obtain a job in trucking have two options to earn their CDL, employment contracts or attending a CDL school. There are many different places you can search for a truck driving job, like who has jobs for new and experienced drivers alike.  As there are with any valid comparison, there are pros and cons to both approaches, and what’s best for your situation may not be best for someone else.  Let’s start with directly attending a CDL training school first.

Attending a CDL School

Attending a private CDL school of your own accord is a way to receive your CDL as quickly as possible, while still keeping as many options at your disposal as possible.  Attending a CDL school directly will allow you to learn about more companies and opportunities that are in the area.  You can enjoy all the benefits of a CDL, the guaranteed job placement and flexibility without having to worry about contract stipulations.

  • Recruiters may be available on campus, allowing you have a job lined before you graduate
  • Financial Aid and Zero Dollar Tuition available for those who qualify
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Greater pay after you graduate
  • Work wherever you want with no employment restrictions 

    This can be a good choice for those whose main priority is to keep their options open.  Of course, nothing is without its share of downsides.  The main downside of attending a CDL school is that you have to pay your tuition costs up front.  However, grants and financial aid are available to those who qualify, which can greatly help mitigate the cost of tuition.  The conditions on which financial aid can be granted depending on your location and income, but you should always check with your school to see if you qualify.  After you graduate, some companies can even provide you with tuition reimbursement. Better, more reputable schools such as Shippers’ Choice will only require $500 down with financing

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